🧔 Me

Hi! I’m Rafael. I’m a geophysicist with a data analytics focus and hands-on 🐍Python programming experience. I have a solid quantitative background, and I love telling stories with data, especially those that lead to business gains, for example:

  • I developed an application from scratch to find, group, and inventory all well log files on a shared drive. I used TDD, OOP, Pandas, NumPy, SQL, and MongoDB. This tool reduced these files’ data wrangling time by 90%.
  • I built and deployed a prototype polling application using Jupyter Notebooks, Voila, Postgres, Heroku, and ipyleaflet for dashboarding. This work proved that notebooks could easily be turned into functional applications, saving weeks of tool prototyping.

Before I started my path in data analytics, I trained my geophysics muscle for 10 years in the exploration and development of petroleum resources, where I interpreted seismic data, tied wells, and performed seismic inversion in many basins around the world.

👨‍💻 This site

I created this site to share and document my hobby projects and learnings, most of which revolve around data. This site is my first (ever!), so if something isn’t working or you just want to reach out, please do so via LinkedIn, Twitter, or email.

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